We Make Beautiful Things.

Every interaction with your audience reinforces who you are as a brand. The DesignGood Studio design team can make sure your brand consistently carries across communication collateral, packaging, promotional materials, signage and anything else that your brand can leverage for outreach and communication. Now – let’s get to work.

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We Create Lasting Identities.

Good design can change the world. It’s a powerful communication tool used to build the brands that will become the next big changemakers. That’s where we come in. We’ll help you get to the core of what your business is all about. We’ll then work with you to create an identity that’s crystal clear. Ready to get started?

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We Build Strong Connections.

Successful companies are social companies. They have friends and followers. They throw parties and go to conferences. Loved brands know how to use the social web and other digital strategies to build lasting connections. We want to help you make those connections. Our team of social masterminds will help you build a strong, loyal following. Let’s go. Your audience is waiting.

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We Promote Social Impact.

At the heart of DesignGood is doing good. We believe that good design done well can make a difference in the world. That’s why we love working with brands that use their work to give back. Want to use your business to make a positive impact on the planet? Work with us and we’ll help you grow your brand while giving back.

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Who We Are

When you partner with DesignGood Studio, you’ll work closely with designers, strategists, developers
and writers who turn your business dreams into reality: Memorable, professional branding. A website
that looks beautiful, runs like a dream and shows why you’re the real deal. Marketing and outreach that
connect you to the customers or clients who have been craving just what you offer.

Whatever you need, we’re ready to hit ground running on your project and accelerate your business
goals. Our know-how and experience get you from Point A to Point B faster — and keep you looking
sharp and standing out along the way.


Design and creativity are the difference makers that lift our clients’ brands above the competition. This is true now more than ever as originality and uniqueness become a rarity in the face of of digital automation. At DesignGood Studio, our clients get the custom, hands-on creative attention they deserve so they can stand apart.


We’re curious about everything. Our favorite part of the design and branding process is connecting with clients and taking the time to truly get to know their businesses, inspirations and goals. And we’re constantly learning and evolving our skills so that we can help you take your brand further than you’d ever imagine.


Know what really lights us up? Collaborating with like-minded businesses and bringing others together so they can collaborate. In fact, that’s why we created an online community to complement and amplify the work of our agency.


“Design” can mean a lot of things these days.
Not at DesignGood.
We think design and creativity are and have always
been the difference makers that lift our clients’ brands
above the competition. This is true now more
than ever as originality and uniqueness become
rare birds in a growing jungle of digital automation.
At DesignGood, our clients get the custom,
hands-on creative attention they deserve so they
can stand apart.


After almost two decades of designing brands
and experiences for companies, we know that beauty
won’t get you far without smarts. That’s why DesignGood takes a strategic approach to each project.
Before any design is done, we meet with clients
to get a deep understanding of their business,
their competitive landscape, and their short and long
term goals. In short, we spend time getting
to know the people we work with so we can create a
communication strategy to help build their brands
through social content, digital marketing,
and smart promotion.

Our Capabilities

  • Brand Strategy & Planning
  • Identity Design
  • Product Packaging
  • Print & Collateral Design
  • Book & Publication Design
  • Website & Digital Design
  • Communication Strategy
  • Content Strategy & Development
  • Email Marketing
  • Blogging & Editorial
  • Social Media Management

Team & Culture

Our team’s experience is what separates us from the pack. We have more skills in-house — design, copywriting, social media, web development, project management, marketing, community building — than you’ll find at a typical firm. Our resumes are longer, too. Most of us have worked over a decade in the areas we’re passionate about. In addition to our experience, we’re a small business ourselves, so we understand the unique challenges faced by entrepreneurs. Believe us when we say that there’s nothing that we love more than to see a small business overcome those challenges and thrive.

Kristin Moses

Founder + Creative Director

Kristin has spent the past decade and a half using design to help people succeed. She co-founded award-winning agency Deuce Creative, where she built many lasting client relationships. In 2013, she moved to Austin, Texas, to start DesignGood + DesignGood Studio.

Kristie Urbano

Studio Manager

Kristie is the mega-organizer who keeps DesignGood running smoothly. She brings a decade of experience in sales management, office administration and generally taking care of business. Her collaboration with Kristin started at Deuce Creative.

Sarah Beckham

Copywriter + Content

As a longtime newspaper editor, Sarah led coverage of topics like technology, film, travel and fitness. Today, she brings that experience shaping stories to writing for our clients and editing the DesignGood blog.

Robin Reetz

Social Media + Outreach

Robin manages our content partnerships, brand relationships and social media. She writes for our blog, Teen Vogue and other stylish places, including her own secondfloorflat.com. Robin (formerly of Refinery 29) also works with DesignGood clients on PR and communications.

Tricia Dugat

Senior Designer

Tricia brings a love of beauty, order, positivity and Mexican food to our team. She has more than 14 years of experience as a designer, with special expertise in typography, illustration and layout. Previously, Tricia worked with Deuce Creative and the Houston Zoo.

Courtney Ryan

Graphic Designer

Courtney dreams of changing the world – one beautiful letter at a time. She brings a love for hand lettering, calligraphy, illustration, page layout and coffee to the team. She previously worked for the Houston Symphony and Whole Foods Market.

Bridget Locke

Project Manager

Combining organization and creativity, Bridget brings diverse experiences to DesignGood Studio. As a business owner for 11 years, she excels in managing freelance teams and coordinating communication between clients and creatives. She’s also an experienced fashion photographer, photo retoucher and documentary filmmaker. Bridget is happiest when she’s multi-tasking through varied projects — or baking pies.

Jeff Wittman

Web Development

With 13-plus years of coding experience, Jeff brings design to life on the web. He loves a good tech challenge, but also has a soft spot for all things historic.

Diane Holz


Before she joined us at DesignGood, Diane’s career included serving as vice president at the Austin Better Business Bureau, where she worked with businesses ranging from mom-and-pop shops to large corporations. When she’s not keeping our books, this native Austinite can be found enjoying the outdoors or spoiling her granddaughters.


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